Our Ministries
God has created us uniquely. God has different plans for each of us, but God wants us all to be like Jesus. God wants us to develop a consistent Christ-like character. God wants us to become mature Christians and to become examples that others can look up to. God wants the wisdom and life skills that Jesus taught to influence our jobs, our fShowing up Jesusamilies, and how we use our time and resources. God wants us to live a life where loving relationships and spiritual values are more important than worldly success. We are committed to loving God, loving others, reaching the lost, and serving without reserve. Whether it’s in our Transportation Ministry, Culinary, or in our One Voice Ministry, we strive to embody these commitments in each of our ministries.
We Pray that you take advantage of the opportunities that The MTCLC has to offer and sign up to serve in one of our amazing ministries.